Viridis IOD Mould


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Viridis IOD Mould

The Viridis IOD mould shows our appreciation of the timeless beauty and versatility of greenery. It is encapsulated in a mould that’s both classic and yet modern. “Viridis” is Latin for green, and perfectly embodies the essence of this mould.  It is dedicated to the artful representation of leaves and greenery, a motif celebrated throughout history in classic friezes and compositions. 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Viridis Mould is incredibly buildable. It comes with smaller, connectable pieces that seamlessly repeat and integrate. This facilitates complex designs or simple accents with equal finesse. This mould is a versatile companion for any decor theme, especially enriching spaces that yearn for a touch of nature’s tranquility like English garden, French Country, and Grand Millennial. 

These moulds are food safe and can be used with cookie dough, chocolate, fondant, etc.  They are heat resistant to 400 degrees.

This mould measures 6″ x 10″.  Use IOD air dry clay or Amazing Cast resin to create beautiful castings.  Each image is marked with how much clay or resin you’ll need to create the casting.  Each image also has a micro-rim, IOD’s proprietary edge that helps you get smooth, flat back to your castings.  And NEW with this release, IOD has added the name of the mould to the edge so it’s easy to find in a stack of moulds!

IOD has created a mould tutorial here.

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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in


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