Know You’re Doing It Right

Get personalized furniture painting advice for Fusion Mineral Paint and Iron Orchid Design products

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Feel Confident

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Do It Yourself

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Love Your Project

Painting your own furniture can be intimidating.

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Sometimes you get stuck and you're not sure you're doing it right

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You need some advice, but there's no one to ask

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You're scared to start because you might mess up

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I’m here to help you do it right

With over 18 years of furniture painting experience, I’ve tried all of the products, and I’ve made 1000s of mistakes.
And here’s what I’ve found…

Fear gives terrible advice. It’s also a lousy excuse for never getting your brush wet. You CAN do this!

From first time try-ers to seasoned pros, I’ll help you find the right products and know “what to do” so you will love your next project.

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Simple Training to Learn On Your Own

We all start by watching and learning from others. Here you’ll find helpful videos, downloads, and pro-top articles. You’ll see just how simple it is to do this yourself. You’ve got this!

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The Best Creative Products, Delivered Right to Your Door

Here you can buy Fusion Mineral Paint and Iron Orchid Designs. With simple online shopping and reliably fast shipping, you’ll be set to make your next idea become a reality.

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Expert Advice
When You Need It

You can do this! If you have questions about what supplies you need or what to do next for your project, I am here to help.

Life’s too short to wonder “what if?”

You can sit and watch other people bring new life to their furniture. You can keep wishing that dresser was “that color you really like.” You can keep convincing yourself “But I could never…”

OR, you can tell your fears that you’re done listening. You can pick up your brush and start doing what I already know you can do. The choice is yours. Let’s get to work.

 If you have found Cyndi online and connected with her videos, you are so lucky! I have been encouraged to try new mediums like transfers and IOD molds after watching Cyndi’s work.  The added bonus is her online store and the great customer service and FAST shipping times that she maintains from Texas to Georgia. 

-Sandy McFarland




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Start with this resource page, or contact me with questions. You CAN do this. So start learning today.
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Once you know what you need, you can find all the supplies you need in my online store.
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With your supplies in hand, you can roll up your sleeves and get a little paint under your nails 🙂
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Your friends will ask where you bought it. That’s when you smile and let them in on the secret. “Actually, I made it…”

These Lovely Ladies Did It

and so can you

Love this place!!! Cyndi does dynamite tutorials and her blog is awesome! So much inspiration for beginners all the way through advanced DIYers!  
Cindy Dempsey

Oh Cyndi… you are now my muse, my guru. I so trust in your tutorials.! Thank you, and please keep on coming
Pat Orr

I’m incredibly grateful for Cyndi and her online shop! She’s made my shopping experience easy as Sunday morning. These products are amazing!
Lupita Chavez