Amazing Casting Resin


Use our disposable pipettes when working with resin and small moulds like Victoria and Harper.

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Amazing Casting Resin

Amazing Casting Resin works fabulously with our decor molds.  If you want a pristine casting without any shrinkage, this may be your favorite!  Amazing Casting Resin cures in about 10 minutes for a detailed, durable casting.  It turns white after it cures but can be painted and sanded.  Easy to follow instructions included.

Amazing Casting Resin is a  casting and coating system that cures to a rigid, durable, white plastic. Resin has completely different qualities than the paper clay. There is no shrinking or warping, and the castings are more consistent. Resin castings also have sharper images.  Depending on the project, these qualities can be helpful. If you need to conform them to a curved surface, this can be done if removed from the mould before it’s completely hardened.

Mix equal parts of the resin and hardener into a bowl.  It is important to measure accurately.  Pour it into your molds to create exact replicas. You can paint, stamp, stain, dye or drill the cured resin pieces.
  • 16 oz.
  • Produces rigid material
  • Easy to use, 1:1 mix ratio system that cures in 24 hours.
  • 2 bottles of casting resin
  • 3 cups (each with 2 tablespoon capacity)
  • 2 stir sticks
  • Instructions

Here’s a great video tutorial for mixing up the resin.

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