Seven Gift Ideas for the Furniture Painter

Christmas is just around the corner!  I’ve still got a few gifts to purchase on my holiday to-do list.  You, too??

That’s why I though you might like a few gift ideas that every furniture painter would love.  So here are seven gift ideas for the furniture painter on your shopping list (or maybe a treat for yourself?)


Seven Gift Ideas for the furniture painter
Staalmeester Brush Gift Set

Fusion Fan Deck

My fan deck is indispensable!  It helps me make color choices, pick color combinations, and even select upholstery fabric.  The fan deck includes every Fusion Mineral Paint color (including the 2022 and 2023 additions) plus 50 recipes for custom colors!  It’s expandable for future additions, too!

Furniture prep kit

Zibra Best Paintbrush Set

Zibra has put the best of their paintbrushes together in one set.  These are a good little brushes, perfect for the hobby painter!  The set includes:
* 1 round
* 1 square
* 1 triangle
* 1 2″ palm pro
* 1 2″ chiseled wedge

front door paint kit

Gel Stain Kit

Fusion’s Gel Stain is a great way to change the color of the wood without sanding!  Clean and apply over the current finish for a great new finish.  This kit includes everything you need for success!

Painter's essential paint brush set

Staalmeester Paint Brush Gift Set

This is a three piece set of Staalmeester Pro-Hybrid brushes.  The set includes round brushes in two sizes plus the must-have bent brush, perfect for painting hard to reach places!  I’ll include a tube of brush soap, too!

Fusion fan deck

Furniture Prep Kit

Every furniture painter knows that a great finish starts with the right prep.  The prep kit includes everything a painter needs to get started right: one bottle of Fusion’s TSP Degreaser concentrate, a spray bottle, a cleaning scrubby, and a sanding glove with extra sand paper.

zibra best paintbrush set

Front Door Paint Kit

This kit isn’t limited to front doors!  Pick a paint color and get the tools you’ll need to paint almost anything!  Kit includes one pint of your color choice, a microfiber roller, and a medium Staalmeester paint brush.

gel stain kit

Painter’s Essential Paint Brush Set

The Painter’s Essential paint brush set is a collection of five of the best Staalmeester brushes!  The set includes

  • one Oval #45 synthetic blend brush

  • one Round #20 ProHybrid all synthetic brush

  • one pointed sash #18 ProHybrid all synthetic brush

  • one flat 1 1/2″ flat #40 ProHybrid all synthetic brush

  • one #18 wax and stencil natural bristle brush