Blue Star at Home has AMAZING, faithful customers and we love rewarding that loyalty.  Our rewards program is built on two simple steps.

Earn points
spend rewards

Here’s how it works.  You will earn points for completing a variety of activities.  When your points reach the set reward level, you’ll have a coupon that you can apply to your next order!  Participating in the rewards program is completely free!

Here’s how you earn points:

1 Point.

  • Place an order and earn 1 point for every $1 spent on products in your cart. Does not apply to shipping costs, taxes, or discounts.

20 Points.  (Award Limit:  Currently unlimited)

    • Invite a friend via email from the Rewards tab in your account manager or in the sidebar of the shopping pages. If they use that link to make a purchase, they will receive 5% off, and you will receive 10 additional points.

30 Points. (Award Limit: 1 time award)

  • Create an account. If you have already created an account and the 30 points weren’t automatically awarded, please use the Contact Form with your full name, and email and/or phone number associated with the account.

30 Points. (Award Limit: Unlimited)

  • Leave one honest review of a product that you purchased at  We’d love for you to include photos of your project, too!  (not required)  UNLIMITED ( award of 30 points for EACH verified purchased product review.  Reviews have to be approved before publishing, at which point your points will be awarded.  Reviews can be left in the Review tab on the product page.

50 Points.  (Award Limit:  Once a year).

  • Be rewarded on your birthday! Simply enter your birthday and you’ll get points added to your account on your big day!


Once your points reach set levels, you’ll receive a coupon code good for a discount on your next order.  Limit one coupon per order.

  • 300 points = $5 coupon

  • 600 points = $10 coupon

  • 900 points = $15 coupon

Will past purchases count?  They sure will!  Points earned from previous purchases have already been applied to your account.  Points for setting up an account have not been applied.  If you already have an account, email us at cyndi@bluestarathome  to request those points to be added and we will manually add those points to your account.

Where can you see your points and coupons?

New users set up an account when they check out their cart.  Previous users can see their account from the menu at the bottom of the home page.


my account link

Once in your account, you’ll see a menu on the left.  Click on Loyalty and Rewards to open the details of your rewards.

My account menu

There are four sections inside the Loyalty Rewards tab: Coupons Overview, Rewards Overview, Loyalty Systems Overview, and Email Sponsorship.

The Coupons Overview will list the coupons that you’ve qualified for and the coupon code.  The best way to access your coupons is to click on the Unlockable Rewards so that the details open up.  It will then show you rewards that you have earned, your total points, and the number of points it will cost you to unlock that reward.  Click on “Unlock” to open the coupon reward and copy the code.



Rewards overview

The Loyalty Systems Overview shows all the ways you can earn points and all of the reward options available.

Loyalty System overview

The last section is for email sponsorship.  Put your friends email addresses here and they’ll receive an email invitation from you to purchase supplies at Blue Star at Home with a discount.  You get 20 points for sending the email and an additional 10 points when they make their first purchase.

Screen Shot 2022 01 17 at 3.23.50 AM Our Rewards Program

How do I redeem my points?

When you have accumulated enough points to earn a reward, you’ll get an email.  You can unlock the reward from the email or in your account.  When you click on “unlock” it copies the code and inserts it into your cart.  When you are ready to check out, click on “Use Coupon” and it will apply the discount to your order.  Keep in mind that using the coupon could reduce your cart total below the free shipping threshold.  

Redeem coupon

If you decide you want to save the coupon for a future order, click “remove” and it will remove the coupon from the order.  The coupon is not considered used and points are not deducted from your account until you finalize and pay your order.  

coupon applied

The Fine Print   Points can only be used to reduce your purchase cost.  Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for actual currency of any kind.  Discounts will only apply towards the cost of products, not tax or shipping charges.  Points will not be earned on tax or shipping charges paid.  Points cannot be transferred from one account to another.  Please use the same account each and every time you place an order or conduct an activity. I reserve the right to terminate a Blue Star at Home account, or not award points, if I feel there is abuse or exploitation of the program.