Disposable Pipettes for Resin


Perfect to apply resin into a mould’s tight spots .

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Disposable Pipettes for Resin

Our IOD moulds made beautiful castings with either IOD Air Dry Clay or Amazing Cast Resin.  But some moulds, like the Harper and Victoria moulds, have small pieces that are difficult to get the clay out or the resin in place.  These disposable pipettes are the perfect solution.  Mix up your resin, press the bulb on the end of the pipette to suck up resin into the tube, and then gently apply the resin into the mould.  No mess!  This set comes with 10 pipettes so you can dispose of one when you’re done and still have some for the next project.

  • 3mm capacity
  • Disposable
  •  Made of soft durable Polyethylene
  • Readable markings along the pipette for precise measurements

Set of 10 pipettes.


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