Invitation Only IOD Mould


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Invitation Only IOD Mould

Introducing the Invitation Only IOD mould, a collection of personified animals.  These capture the essence of eccentricity and fun, blending seamlessly with apothecary and academia themes. Not everything in your decor needs to be serious! Why not infused your decor with quirk that embodies a spirit of fun and playfulness.

These are perfect for crafting a charming mini gallery or symmetrical Christmas ornaments.  Invitation Only adds whimsy and delight everywhere its found.   It’s designed to complement our Conservatory Labels Mould and Apothecary Labels stamps, making it a versatile choice for projects on IOD wood gallery blanks.

These moulds are food safe and can be used with cookie dough, chocolate, fondant, etc.  They are heat resistant to 400 degrees.

This mould measures 6″ x 10″.  Use IOD air dry clay or Amazing Cast resin to create beautiful castings.  Each image is marked with how much clay or resin you’ll need to create the casting.  Each image also has a micro-rim, IOD’s proprietary edge that helps you get smooth, flat back to your castings.  And NEW with this release, IOD has added the name of the mould to the edge so it’s easy to find in a stack of moulds!

IOD has created a mould tutorial here.

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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in


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