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IOD Midnight Garden Transfer

IOD Midnight Garden transfer is one of the most beautiful.  It is a mix of beautiful colored flowers and elegant charcoal gray outlines.  It can be applied as is or painted for additional effect. Fusion Mineral Paint is the perfect base coat for these transfers.  Allow paint to dry over night before applying, burnish edges of the transfer well, and seal with Beeswax Finish or Tough Coat.

IOD Midnight Garden Transfer is four pages in a pad with transfer tool.

Décor transfers add delicately detailed vintage touches to your favorite furnishings. Use these detailed transfers on your furniture, walls and more to add a delicate touch to any living space. Our new rub on transfers are easy to use and add so much to your furniture!  No using a messy transfer gel to get these amazing images on your projects –  you just peel off the paper backing and rub on to your furniture!

  •  Full instructions come on the box.
  •  Can be used on anything from furniture to walls!
  •  Easy to cut up and use all of the image or just parts of it.   Be sure to save your scraps for other projects though!
  •  Adheres best to a matte surface that is free of oils, dirt and wax.
  •  To protect the transfer, apply a sealer such as wax after the image has been applied (any high quality sealer can be used).

Our Decor Transfers™ are designed in scale and motif to be appropriate for decor. Use them to add a unique touch to your furniture projects, wall art or accessories. Pressure sensitive, you apply them by rubbing them onto the surface. Ensure a long lasting result by sealing with a quality sealer.

We’ve made many of our new Decor Transfers™ “buildable”, by adding opacity, (so that they look good when they overlap) and making the designs themselves more versatile, so that they work visually, when used in combination. Since the designs are more opaque than previous versions, they will show up well against dark colors as well as light.

  • Distressable ( for complete customization, sand to your liking! We don’t mind.)
  • Buildable ( more opaque so they can be layered with other transfers, as well as show up against darker colors. Because sometimes one is just not enough, and a maker needs to make it their own.)
  • Improved backing to help prevent transfer mishaps ( and the subsequent crushed souls.)
  • Easy to use ( These beauties transfer onto your project surface like butter. )

You can read more about IOD transfers here



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