This piece was the collision of the perfect piece of furniture and the perfect transfer.  I knew immediately what I wanted to do with this bombe chest when I bought it.  I didn’t know the journey would be a challenge!

IMG 5380 1 A Garden of Beauty

It needed some repair so I spent one afternoon gluing and clamping and shoring it up.  Then I used TSP to give it a good cleaning.  The finish was worn and didn’t have a gloss to it so once clean, it was ready to paint!

IMG 5381 1 A Garden of BeautyIMG 5383 1 A Garden of Beauty

I wanted a soft white background for the floral transfer, so I opted for Raw Silk.  I’d say it’s my favorite white but how can you choose just one??  Anyway, I also pulled out a new brush – the Staalmeester sybthetic bristle brush.  This brush is different than the other Staalmeesters I use.  The other Staalmeesters have a blend of natural and synthetic bristles to both hold paint and provide a smooth finish.  This new brush is only synthetic bristles and let me go on record by saying that it’s my new favorite!!  It provides a smooth, easy-to-paint finish and is easy to use!

So the chest got three coats of Raw Silk.  I let it dry for a day or two before I applied the transfer.  Now, I’ve used lots of transfers.  You can see them here and here and here.  I knew this one would take more time because of it’s size.  But apparently, I got a defective transfer.  I just couldn’t get it to stick.  So weird!  So I contacted the company and they promised a refund.  Undaunted, I pulled out another transfer and this one went on like a charm.  I’m so glad I gave it another try!

IMG 5475 e1541391490565 A Garden of Beauty

After applying the transfer I just needed to seal it.  I chose to use Fusion’s Beeswax Finish.  It’s a great wax that is a combination of beeswax and hemp oil . One light coat is all it takes.

So I cleaned the hardware and put it back on and voile!  Isn’t she beautiful!!

IMG 5473 1 A Garden of Beauty