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I am just a sucker for good bones!  Like, seriously!  I love the curves and the carvings that make pieces unique.  So when I saw this one, I knew she had to be mine.  She’s not a big piece (27 x 27 x 13) but she’s big on personality!  So I scooped her up and brought her home.

She was filthy so I had to start by giving her a good scrub down.  I sprayed on some TSP and then used one of my green scrubbies to give her a good scrub.  Then I wiped her down.  It was just gross, let me tell ya!  I had to repeat several times until she was finally clean.


And the grime wasn’t the only issue.  She came from a smoker’s home.  She was quite stinky!  So what do you do about that?  Well you can’t wash the smell off.  You have to seal it in.  Shellac is the best thing for that.  You can use Zinsser BIN primer with shellac.  I didn’t have any on hand but I did have Zinsser’s Shellac.  So I sprayed her down with two coats of shellac.  The smell test will tell you when you’ve accomplished your goal.  No more smoky smell.

IMG 8564 Coming Up Roses

Then she was ready to paint.  So what color did this baby ask for?  Fusion’s new Damask!  So I cracked open a new jar and got ready to paint.  I decided that my flat Staalmeester brush would be the best since most of the surface on this piece was flat.  She got two coats of paint and was ready for some pizzaz!

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When Iron Orchid Designs came out with their latest edition of decor transfers, I set two aside for the perfect piece.  I decided this piece was it!   I started with the Le Petit Rosier transfer.  I placed it off center, cut out a small piece to make room for the knob (which wouldn’t come off) and taped it in place.  Then I removed the paper backing and began to rub the transfer in place.  These are seriously so easy to do! One question I get from time to time is to you take the drawers out or apply it with the drawers in.  I chose to leave them in and apply over the entire piece.  IMG 4952 1 Coming Up Roses

Next I used the Redoute 4 roses transfer.  I cut out the red roses and left the coral ones for another project.  I layered the roses over the script, taped them in place, removed the paper backing, and began to rub.  Super simple.  There’s something so satisfying when you remove the clear plastic covering and see the results.  Sure looks harder than it is!  Since I applied them with the drawers in, I needed to deal with the separation between the drawers and the cabinet.  I used a razor blade knife to gently cut the transfers so the drawers could open and close.  Then I rubbed my fingers over the whole transfer to make sure there were no loose pieces.

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Transfers need to be sealed.  I decided to use Liming Wax.  Liming wax is a white wax and I thought it would give this piece a soft finish.  I applied it with a brush and then used a rag to gently wipe off the excess.  I tried to leave a little in the grooves and crevices.

IMG 9724 Coming Up Roses

I did not apply wax to the top of the cabinet.  I don’t like wax on tabletops.  It’s not durable enough and not waterproof.  Instead, I decided to use Hemp Oil to polish the paint on the top.  It’s one of my favorite techniques.  It doesn’t seem to change the color but gives the paint a softer, smoother finish.  It’s simple to do: pour some Hemp Oil on the surface and lightly sand with 600+ sand paper.  I’m not trying to distress, just trying to polish the paint.  Then I took paper towels and wiped off the excess oil.  It won’t penetrate into the paint so it’s important to remove all of the excess so it doesn’t become sticky.  I did a quick video on my Facebook page here.

And that’s it!  I was able to paint and apply transfers in one day and then wax and polish the next.  Quick project that looks just amazing.  I’m in love!  How ’bout you?

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