Who says file cabinets have to be sterile and bland?  I knew when I found this one that I could turn it into something special!  File cabinets are really a blank slate that you can do anything with!  So I started off with a good clean with TSP.  I love that I don’t have to rinse Fusion’s TSP.  The wood was worn and there was not much finish so I proceeded to paint.  I chose Ash, such a dark, dreamy gray.

I was able to quickly give this piece two coats of Ash.  I used my flat Staalmeester brush which made painting a dream!  I decided to leave the drawers natural wood.  Don’t you love the contrast?

IMG 8355 File Your Cares Away

There is another reason that I chose Ash for the paint color.  I’ve been dying to use one of my new Iron Orchid Designs transfers.  When you put one of these white transfers on a dark background, it looks like chalk on a chalkboard.  Just love the look!  So these transfers are SO EASY to apply!  Seriously!!  I taped the image in place where I wanted it, removed the paper backing, and began to rub with the plastic applicator that’s included.  I’m sure it took less than 5 minutes to apply.

IMG 3853 File Your Cares Away
IMG 3858 File Your Cares Away

Once the transfer was applied, I took the clear plastic cover off, revealing this awesome image.  It needs to be protected, so I applied a thin coat of Beeswax Finish, a natural wax that is a blend of beeswax and hemp oil . It goes on like butter.

Finally, it was time to address the drawers.  They were in good shape, but needed to be refreshed.  Hemp Oil to the rescue!  I used an old t-shirt and wiped a light coat of hemp oil over the drawers.  It adds such a warmth to the wood.  And that was it!  Finished!  This makes me want to go file something!

IMG 4489 File Your Cares Away
IMG 1203 File Your Cares Away