Petite Fleur Pink IOD Paint Inlay


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Petite Fleur Pink IOD Paint Inlay

Petit Fleur is available in Pink or Red. Th\is post is for the pink.  You can see the red here.  The Petite Fleur Pink IOD paint inlay palette offers a delicate touch.

Included are four 16″ x 12″ pages of designs that are highly versatile. They are not just for furniture; these accents shine in focused applications such as journaling and mixed media.

Paint Inlays are not like transfers.  The design is actual paint which, when placed on wet paint or top coat, the paint reactivates and inlays into the new surface.  You can see the process here.

Save those inlay sheets for additional uses (getting fainter each application). The second use of the inlays lends itself well to a French Flea Market style. 


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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 1 in


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