Parchment Fusion Mineral Paint



Parchment Fusion Mineral Paint

Parchment Fusion Mineral Paint is a gorgeous new off-white with green undertones.  Not as stark as Picket Fence, slightly darker than Victorian Lace but not as yellow as Raw Silk, this off-white shade is effortless.  It pairs well with Ash and Eucalyptus.

Available in 16 oz pints and 1.25 oz testers.

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Painting Tips

Easy to Distress:  Fusion™ paint distresses effortlessly.  Distressing Beeswax is just one tool to help you achieve a fantastic distressed look.

Top Coat:  A top coat is not needed with Fusion!  It cures waterproof!  However, if you feel you want extra protection, Tough Coat or General Finishes’ High Performance Top Coats are a great choice.  Cappuccino Stain and Finishing Oil makes a wonderful glaze over Eucalyptus as well.

Fusion is best painted with a high quality, synthetic bristle brush.  We love our Staalmeester brushes and new micro-felt rollers for painting with Fusion.  This blog post can help you choose which brush is right for you.

Visit Fusion Mineral Paint for more information!

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