Clear Glaze


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Clear Glaze

With an exceptional ease of application with a long open time, Fusion Clear Glaze delivers the performance of a professional finish that everyone can achieve!  Simply mix some paint or metallics into the glaze to make your own custom color.  A ratio of 4 parts Fusion Clear Glaze to 1 part paint is a great place to start.  Clear Glaze is available in two sizes:  Full size 250mL (8 oz) and Sample size 60mL (1 oz)

  • If adding tint or paint, test to ensure your desired pigmentation is achieved prior to application.
  • Spread glaze onto surface and use a lint free cloth to wipe back the glaze into crevices.
  • Allow to dry completely – typically 24-48 hours depending on humidity.
  • Applying Tough Coat Wipe on Poly over the Glaze is recommended for high traffic areas such as kitchen cabinets and tabletops.

Visit Fusion Mineral Paint for more great tips and techniques!


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