Paint Prep Kit

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Paint Prep Kit

There’s no such thing as no prep paint.  This paint prep kit contains everything you need to prep well for painting. The quality of your paint job begins with the quality of your preparation.      Kit includes:

  • Fusion TSP concentrate – Oily residue and wax can interfere with paint’s adhesion.   The first step with any paint job is to clean and degrease and Fusion’s TSP does that in an eco-friendly way.  The concentrate is enough to make 30+ spray bottles of cleaner.
  • Spray Bottle – This kit includes a spray bottle for you to mix your cleaning solution in.
  • Green Scrubby  – Also included is a green scrubby.  Spray your piece, scrub lightly with the green scrubby, and then wipe away the residue.
  • Sanding Glove* – After cleaning, your piece may be glossy.  A quick scuff sand is all that’s needed.  The sanding gloves are an easy way to accomplish a quick sand.
  • FREE prep card – Prep doesn’t depend on the paint, it depends on the piece.  This prep card outlines the steps for every surface.

Note that sanding glove comes for both right and left hands and includes three grits of sand paper.  In the comment box above, specify which glove you need.

Need more info on proper prep?  Check out this article .

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