Mercantile IOD Stamp


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Mercantile IOD Stamp

Meet the Mercantile IOD stamp, a fresh take on farmhouse classic design. This set features dozens of stamp combinations, allowing every piece to be mixed and matched. Craft unique compositions by pairing elements like rustic horses, vintage advertising typography, and decorative wreaths for a diverse range of looks.

Drawing inspiration from the authentic linen texture of vintage grain sacks, this set is wonderful for Farmhouse, French Flea market, and classic Americana. Decorate throw pillows, tea towels, or create distinctive wall art, infusing each project wFrench flea ith a touch of heritage.

Pair Mercantile with our La Campagne Stamp or incorporate elements from our Crockery Stamp into the wreath designs for a unique focal point.

Handy Tips: 

  1. Use a thin mount and grid with the grain stripes to get a continuous, nice, straight pattern. Want to use just one strip element of the grain stripes? Ink only the one you want to use and stamp. 
  2. The wheat element is designed to be flexible, allowing you to create continuous patterns or clustered designs depending on how you arrange them. You can also curve the wheat as you stamp to get different looks. 
  3. Use the accent elements next to the cow and horse for styled dividers (great on tea towels). 
  4. Repeat the flourish accents to make end-to-end borders.

This is a two page stamp set.  Each page is12″ x 12″.  The set also includes stamping masks.  IOD has added new features to their masks by tinting them and  printing the stamp image so you know which mask to use to get layered stamping.

Special thanksto Victoria from Ode to Oooh La La for sharing her photos with me.

IOD had a stamping tutorial here. 



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