Joie Des Roses IOD Transfer


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Joie Des Roses IOD Transfer

Introducing the Joie Des Roses IOD transfer, a transfer collection that whisks you away to the elegance of the Renaissance era, blending muted colors with playful touches. This set is all about joy and sophistication, with mandarins adding a fresh, whimsical note to the classic rose motif.

Designed for versatility, Joie Des Roses transforms large furniture pieces – like dressers, armoires, hutches, buffets – into artistic statements. It’s equally captivating on smaller items like lamps or ginger jar-style bases. With the opaque nature of the transfers, they’re beautiful on both dark and light paint colors.

This is an eight page, full color set. The transfers include IOD’s proprietary grid lines, the smallest halo’s in the industry, and a free applicator.  16″ x 12″ with total image 32″ x  48″.

You can see a tutorial here.

Message from the sisters:
So here’s the deal. Our new Joie de Roses has a small ‘ish’ on one of its seams. Don’t worry. It is purely aesthetic and does not affect the function or performance of the transfer. In fact, you cannot detect it with the naked eye until it has been applied. Once applied, it looks like a fine gray line that accentuates about 6” of a seam on the lower left portion of the design (which tends to be at home visually with the distressed and cracked nature of this fresco-style design).
That said, we just want to be over communicatey and transparent about it so that if it is something that would bother you, you can decide <3
As ever, if you are not satisfied with any IOD purchase, we are here to help and stand by all of our products. Get in touch with me if you have questions or concerns.

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