Beeswax Finish


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Fusion Beeswax Finish

The Fusion Beeswax Finish contains only pure natural beeswax and hemp oil. It is a food safe, all natural product, providing a soft smooth satin finish. It is perfect to apply to cutting boards, butcher block counters, and over paint to provide a soft luster.  It will maintain that gorgeous satin luster for a very long time!

QUICK TIP – using this amazing finish on top of a dark color, such as our Coal Black will prevent marks from showing!

The Fusion Beeswax Finish is easy to apply with either a brush or a lint free rag. I like to use my Staalmeester Round Sash Brush for waxing.  After you have applied the Beeswax Finish, let it sit for about 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, use a lint free cloth or rag to polish it. We like to use old t-shirts around my shop.

Food Safe, No Chemicals, Biodegradable.

MAINTENANCE:    Apply as needed.

CURING:    30 days to fully cure.


Watch Jennylyn use the Beeswax Finish here

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