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Reduce Brush Strokes with Extender

Have you struggled with brush strokes? Has the Texas heat given you grief when painting? Our NEW Fusion Extender is just what you need to reduce brush strokes. It works by not allowing the paint to dry quickly, therefore giving you what’s known in the paint industry as “more open time”, which is more working time with the paint before it dries,.  This allows you to reduce brush strokes.

Sometimes the culprit to brushstrokes are the tools used, or the too much paint on the tools, or sometimes is can simply be the environment, that’s where the Extender comes in handy! Generally using too much paint will create excess ridges and lines from simply too much product on the surface.

However, sometimes the environment is too hot and or dry, and the paint simply dries too quickly creating more brushstrokes. Adding some Extender to your paint will help to eliminate those brush strokes. It’s as simple as adding a few drops to your paint!

Mix a quarter of a bottle (15ml) up to a half a bottle of Extender (30ml) together with a pint of paint, like Midnight Blue. One bottle is good for to 2-4 pints. Less can be added if desired. However adding more is not recommended as it will impact your drying and curing time.  Stir well together. A popsicle stick works well for this.

We recommend waiting at least 4 hours between coats when using the Extender. Should you notice that applying your second coat is lifting off the first, either too much extender was used, or it needs more time to dry and cure before applying another coat. 

See the tutorial here:

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  1. Gayle Graham

    If you live in a warm or dry climate buy this. It works!

    • Cyndi Smith (verified owner)

      Yes! I use it a lot in Texas!

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