Synthetic Angled Brush


Add a tube of Brush Soap to clean and condition your new brush.

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Synthetic Angled Brush Description

Fusion is a high quality product that is designed to glide beautifully onto any surface.   A high quality product deserves high quality tools.  That’s why we carry a wide array of paint brushes designed to meet any project need. The synthetic angled brush is great for a smooth finish virtually free of any brush strokes.  This 2.5 inch width synthetic brush produces minimal to no brush strokes. Specially developed for fine finishing, these bristles are made of high quality nylon with a copper ferule. It is easy to hold, and provides the perfect angle for getting into the finest corners for a flawless finish.

Brush measures 2.5″ (50 mm) wide and has a short handle, allowing for gorgeous results without brush strokes!

Be sure to always care for and clean your brushes with Fusion’s Brush Soap to keep your bristles in pristine condition, ready for your next project.

Need some paint inspiration?  Check out Fusion’s inspiration board.  


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