I’ve been waiting to show you this!! Like, giddy with excitement!!  Fusion has put out three new metallic paints, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, and Vintage Gold.  I’ve been DYING to put some bling on some new things!  So I started with some candle sticks.  I found these at a resale shop.  They’re silver plate but have outlasted their shine.  They needed a new lease on life and I knew that Rose Gold would be perfect!

IMG 5664 Nothing Like Metallics to Add Some Bling!

Usually, paint won’t stick to metal.  The surface is too slick.  That’s why Fusion created Ultra Grip.  It makes the impossible possible!  I like to use a sponge brush to apply Ultra Grip on small surfaces (and an automobile sponge for large ones).  I just squirt a little bit of Ultra Grip on the sponge and apply it in a thin coat.  The instructions say to let it dry 12 hours so I let it sit overnight.

IMG 5665 Nothing Like Metallics to Add Some Bling!


The metallic paints are sheer.  It helps to have a base coat of paint under them. I chose to use Raw Silk as a base coat so that the natural color of the Rose Gold could shine through.  I applied two coats using a 1″ synthetic brush and them them dry over night.

IMG 5740 Nothing Like Metallics to Add Some Bling!


I applied two coats of Rose Gold metallic paint using the same 1″ synthetic brush.  These are awesome bushes for small, craft projects!  The secret to painting with metallic paints is to brush in one direction.  The paint includes mica flakes and when you brush in opposite directions the light hits the mica flakes and accentuates the brush strokes.  So, one direction!  (makes me want to break out into the chorus of You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful)

IMG 5744 Nothing Like Metallics to Add Some Bling!


Look at that shine!  Such a big improvement over the tired silver, don’t you think??  Wouldn’t this trio be pretty on a Christmas centerpiece of wedding decor!!  Makes me want to break out the other two metallics on something else!

IMG 5771 Nothing Like Metallics to Add Some Bling!

IMG 5772 Nothing Like Metallics to Add Some Bling!