how to embellish a pumpkin

It’s almost fall, y’all!  I don’t know about you but I’ve been eyeing some really cute embellished pumpkins and decided to give some a go.  Wow!  It turned out to be a really fun and amazing project!  So here’s your supply list and a video tutorial showing you how to embellish a pumpkin.  Now you can make these awesome pumpkins…just in time for autumn!

green embellished pumpkin

Here’s what you’ll need to make these yourself:

If you want to paint the mould appliques, these colors could be helpful:

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transform a pumpkin


Here’s the full tutorial video to help you create your own pumpkins!



It’s that simple!  Use large pumpkins or even small ones like these.  Instead of painting them in a monochromatic color scheme, paint the moulded embellishments to add some color.  

mini embellished pumpkins
orange embellished pumpkin
blue star white pumpkin top How to Embellish a Pumpkin
decorate mini pumpkins

I’d LOVE to see your pumpkins when you finish!  I hope they bring joy to your home during the fall season!