Paisley by Fusion Mineral Paint


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Paisley Fusion Mineral Paint is an ode to our heritage. It is inspired by the rivers edge that runs through the beautiful town of Paisley, Scotland.  Paisley Fusion Mineral Paint is a multi tone blue evokes a whimsical feeling.
Pair Paisley with Little Whale for a neutral tone-on-tone backdrop or pair it with Rose Water for a charming twist.
Paisley’s truly inspiring blue reveals its softness when compared to our more pure and bright Champness on the left. When compared to a Pebble’s neutral gray on the right Paisley shows its cool tone and its depth of color. Paisley, a beautiful and inspiring shade of blue.

About Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion’s™ results are nothing less than spectacular, providing furniture painters and decorative artists a best-in-class paint that features an environmentally conscious formulation, superior durability, easy one-step self-leveling application and significantly improved adhesion and strength. Delivering a matte finish, this 100% acrylic paint requires minimal prep and no top coat!

Go from inspired to admired in a few hours. Add color, reinvent and enjoy your time to create. Live with things you love and DIY the rest. Pick your project, bring home a pot of mineral inspiration, and Paint it Beautiful!

  • Minimal prep work
  • Easy application
  • Exceptional coverage –  A pint covers approximately 75 sq ft!
  • Gorgeous matte finish
  • No top coat required

Painting Tips

Easy to Distress:  Fusion™ paint distresses effortlessly.  Distressing Beeswax is just one tool to help you achieve a fantastic distressed look.

Top Coat:  A top coat is not needed with Fusion!  It cures waterproof!  However, if you feel you want extra protection, Tough Coat is the appropriate top coat for this color.  Apply with an applicator sponge.

Fusion is best painted with a high quality, synthetic bristle brush.  We love our Staalmeester brushes and new micro-felt rollers for painting with Fusion.  This blog post can help you choose which brush is right for you.

Visit Fusion Mineral Paint for more great tips and techniques!

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