Ephemeral Melange Transfer


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Ephemeral Melange Transfer

IOD’s new Ephemeral Melange transfer is an 8-page collection of vintage gardening and floral labels, advertising, and post cards.  They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all sizes of projects.  If lush pink and red roses are your thing, there are many gorgeous blooms in the set.  This set comes in a smaller sized pad – 8″ x 12″.  It includes an applicator pad and free instructions.


  1. Carefully select and cut out your transfer pieces.  Take care to keep the protective backing with the transfer until you’re ready to apply.
  2. Remove the paper backing and hover over the surface until you’re sure of placement, then position the transfer where you want it and press to hold in place.  Use painter’s tape to secure the corners.
  3. Using the provided tool, start in one corner of the design and begin rubbing with firm, even pressure to release the transfer, causing it to stick to the piece.  Continue across the image until all of the image has transferred.  If a small amount has not transferred when you peel the clear plastic up, simply lay the plastic back down and rub again in that area until it does transfer.
  4. Remove the clear carrier sheet.  Smooth down loose areas with your clean, dry hand.  Then use a soft cloth to burnish the edges of the design to ensure maximum adhesion.  At this point, you can gently distress if you like.
  5. Protect the transfer with a water based top coat or furniture wax.  Avoid top coats that contain strong solvents.  We recommend Fusion’s Tough Coat or Furniture Wax.

You can see a tutorial for applying transfers here.

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