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Cell Enhancer is used to increase cell formations when using the pouring resin for acrylic paint pours. It creates a unique look. Cell Enhancer is the perfect accent product to use with Pouring Resin. Cell Enhancer is added to create cell formations and patterns.

How To Use This Product:

  • Use 1-2 drops per 30 mL of resin.
  • This is a silicon based product, so if added you may need to clean your finished product with alcohol to remove the oily layer that may remain once dried.
  • If this product is used, nothing can be painted over top.

Please Note: Since this is a liquid silicone, minor leaks during shipping may occur even when securely and properly packaged. We will be unable to provide credit or replacements if this occurs.

For additional information and tips visit Fusion Mineral Paint.

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