Branches and Vines Stamp


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Branches and Vines Stamp

Let’s be real here.  Your initial reaction to the IOD Branches & Vines stamp might be “meh” but trust me – you NEED to add this stamp to your collection!  It’s like the bread in a PB&J sandwich – the peanut butter and jelly get all the glory, but they would be nothing without the bread, right?

The Branches and Vines Stamp has bits and pieces of branches, vines, and leaves, allowing you to build your own design and add in flowers from the other IOD stamps like Peonies, Chrysanthemum, Sunflowers, and Grapes.  Inspired by nature but in keeping with the style of simple line drawings,  they are especially designed to add realistic elements to your floral decor.

Use IOD Ink or Fusion Mineral Paint to stamp in your choice of colors.  One page of stamps measures 12″ x 12″

For more mediums, as well as the prep and care for your stamps, check out this “How to Use IOD Stamps” basics.

The Branches and Vines Stamp comes with reusable masks.  Use the masks when you want to create layers in your design without stamping over the original stamped image. The masks are now tinted and shaped just like the stamp and it covers the original image. This protects (or masks) that first impression as you continue to stamp your project. The plastic mask keeps your stamped designs crisp and clear. Masks are the secret to creating layers in your stamped images.

To learn more about IOD reusable masks, check out this tutorial.


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