How to apply an IOD Paint Inlay over clear coat

Applying IOD Paint Inlays over Clear Coat

I’m always looking for fun new ways to express creativity and give my pieces a unique look.  That’s one of the things I LOVE about Iron Orchid Designs new Paint Inlays.

Paint inlays are unlike transfers in that it’s actual paint that’s being reactivated by the water in wet paint that the inlay is placed on.  It’s just so fun!  But what if you don’t want to paint your piece?  Or what if you’ve blended or added a stencil and want an inlay over that?  That’s where today’s tips will really help!

Here’s a video tutorial about applying IOD paint inlays over clear coat.


So basically –

  • Trim your Paint Inlay to fit.
  • Tape on edge and flip out of the way.
  • Apply a generous coat of Decoupage and Transfer Gel with a sponge brush.
  • Fold inlay into place, smooth and roll with a brayer to make good contact with the Transfer Gel.
  • Spritz with water to rewet the paper, dab with a cloth to absorb excess water, and press the inlay into the gel.
  • Let dry 20 minutes.  Spritz paper again to rewet.  Peel paper back to reveal the painted image.
  • Spritz with a mix of half water and half Tough Coat to set the paint.  Be sure to rinse the spritzer between uses.
  • Once surface is dry, brush on a coat or two of Tough Coat, wax, or General Finishes High Performance Top Coat.
  • Enjoy your creation!


Chateau Paint Inlay with Fusion's Inglenook
IOD Chateau inlay with Inglenook
blue star chateau inglenook Applying IOD Paint Inlays over Clear Coat

The IOD Paint Inlays can be used over paint, too!  Here are a few examples of Inlays over paint.  This first one is the IOD Morocco Paint Inlay over Midnight Blue.


IOD Morocco on Midnight Blue

I used IOD’s Indigo Floral Inlay on this set of nesting tables.  These were applied over Casement.  



I felt like this little antique armoire needed some love.  The Rose Chintz inlay was perfect for a touch of cottage core shabbiness.  These were applied over Raw Silk. 

Rose Chintz inlay on Raw Silk

I hope you’re inspired to try the Paint Inlays on your next project.  The IOD Sisters were GENIUS to invent these!!  These come in a package of eight pages so there are LOTS of projects in each pad.  Plus, if you apply them over a medium that can reactivate with water, like chalk type paints, then they’re reusable 3-4 times!

Want to know more?  IOD shares their best tips here. 

Happy creating!