One of the great things about the Iron Orchid Designs decor products is that they allow for so much versatility!  That’s so true for their moulds.  I mean, you can make Christmas ornaments, and fall decorations and furniture embellishments with one simple mould and some clay.  So here’s a simple tutorial for using IOD moulds to create fun flower pots!


IMG 7719 Using IOD Moulds

I had an itch to try my hand at some more designs so I rounded up the supplies and spent an afternoon playing!  Here’s what I used:

I started off by spraying the inside of the pots with spray lacquer.  I didn’t want future water to soak into the terra cotta and degrade the paint from the inside.  While that dried, I began to mould my appliques.  IOD’s new paper clay is just amazing, so soft and pliable and easy to use!  I selected my designs and pressed the clay into the moulds.

IMG 7715 Using IOD Moulds

I used a transfer applicator to scrape across the top of the mould to level out the clay, but you could use a putty knife or old credit card or anything stiff and straight.  I didn’t prime my moulds with anything but do think a dusting of corn starch would have helped them release a little easier.  The nature of paper clay causes it to crack when it dried.  It adds to the character of the pieces.  If you’re looking for a more refined look, I’d suggest you try Amazing Cast Resin.


IMG 7718 Using IOD Moulds
IMG 7716 Using IOD Moulds

I’ve found that Tacky Glue works well when gluing appliques in place.  It grips well and dries quickly.  The appliques adhered well to the pots but if you experience any issues with appliques sliding before the glue is dry you can use a piece of painters tape to hold them in place.

IMG 7717 Using IOD Moulds

 Once appliques are glued in place and the glue has begun to set up, it was time to paint!  I chose to use three of Fusion’s new colors: Chateau, Newell, and Enchanted Echinacea (now retired.)  I mixed a spoonfull of Fresco power into the paint to give the pots a textured, vintage feel.  Some spots on the pots had Fresco dabbed on and others brushed smooth to provide a variety of texture.

IMG 7776 Using IOD Moulds
IMG 7777 Using IOD Moulds

Once the three pots had their first coat of paint, I gave them time to dry.

IMG 7850 1 Using IOD Moulds

The next step was to add character to the pots.  I used a sea sponge to lightly dab an accent color all over the pots.  I used Little Lamb over Chateau, and used Chateau over the Newell and Enchanted Echinacea.

IMG 7852 Using IOD Moulds

The final step was to add wax to show off the detail on the appliques.  I applied Espresso Wax with a brush and wiped it back with a soft rag, reapplying in areas where I wanted more definition.

IMG 7853 Using IOD Moulds
IMG 7865 Using IOD Moulds

And that’s it!!  Aren’t they adorable??

using IOD moulds

These were so fun I decorated some picture frames, too!  What would you do with the moulds??

IMG 7861 1 Using IOD Moulds
IMG 7862 Using IOD Moulds
IMG 7864 1 Using IOD Moulds