Inspired by a project I’d seen done online, I decided to try my hand at creating some farmhouse plates and platters.  Nothing says farmhouse like farm animals and this is a quick and easy way to get the look!

IMG 6952 Stampin' Up the Farm House

You just need a handful of supplies to pull this off:

Start by washing the platters well and allow to dry.  While they’re drying, you can prepare the stamp by IMG 6947 Stampin' Up the Farm Housesanding the stamp surface.  This roughs up the surface so the ink will grab.

Decide which animal fits best based on the shape of the plate or platter.  Squirt the ink onto the stamp pad and use the pad to dab ink onto the stamp.  It takes a little bit of practice to figure out what is too much ink and what is not so practice on some paper before you stamp your plate.





IMG 6949 Stampin' Up the Farm House

Once inked, carefully place the stamp on the platter.  Use care not to move it and smudge the image.  Gently press all areas of the image and then gently remove.

IMG 6951 1 Stampin' Up the Farm House IMG 6950 1 Stampin' Up the Farm House

And that’s it!  Allow the ink to dry and it’s ready for display!  The ink is not food safe so these should not be used for serving.  But aren’t they stinkin’ cute!!

E305980F C921 4988 BE7B 3AEF2D5F1EB7 Stampin' Up the Farm House 09198E63 2BC0 4CC5 9D37 FFA48A62E783 Stampin' Up the Farm HouseF7D06035 2950 43DA A87B E7E2DBB545C7 Stampin' Up the Farm HouseFFE634C6 0DE5 431E 9957 1C7AC20D0E52 1 Stampin' Up the Farm House

Now the Farm Animal stamp isn’t the only stamp you could use!  The options are endless!  What would you do?

IMG 6953 Stampin' Up the Farm House