A few months ago my husband hauled home a free hutch!  It didn’t float my boat but it WAS free!  So into the garage it went.  It sat there for quite a while before I was inspired and had a game plan.  I didn’t get a before picture, but trust me, it was blah.

I knew I wanted to do something to the back so when we scrubbed it down with TSP, I had my husband take the back off.  The countertop of the hutch was laminate so the first thing I did was wipe on a thin coat of Ultra Grip with a sponge and let it dry over night.

IMG 1120 1 Stampin' a Hutch

Then the piece got three coats of Casement.  Casement is one of the whitest whites in the line and I love it.  I knew I wanted to do something special to the back of the hutch but wasn’t sure what.  So I put a poll on my Facebook page and asked for my friends to vote.  Here were the options:  1) stencil Buffalo Check on the back, 2) decoupage floral paper on the back, or 3) stamp a tile pattern on the back.

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Well the vote was CLOSE!  Everyone loved all three!  Way to make my job hard!  But I decided to go with the stamped design.  I used Iron Orchid Designs’ Cubano stamp and their black ink.  First I prepped the stamp by sanding the face of the stamp so the ink would have something to grab on to.  I put some ink on a plate, used a brayer to spread the ink onto the stamp, put in place and lightly pressed the design in place.  It gives such a great, distressed look!  Check out this quick video:

hqdefault Stampin' a Hutch


I centered the tile design on the center of the board and worked my way out to the edges.  Once it was mounted on the back of the hutch it looked perfect!!

22469438 49BC 4DBF ABBC 7A08E953BBCC 2 Stampin' a Hutch

Since the design was black I needed to paint the brass hardware.  I cleaned them well with TSP and sprayed them with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.  And that was it.  I didn’t top coat anything.  Fusion cures to such a great, durable finish I didn’t see the need.  I suspect this one won’t last long.  What would you use the stamps on?  You can see all of the IOD stamps here.

22469438 49BC 4DBF ABBC 7A08E953BBCC Stampin' a Hutch


22469438 49BC 4DBF ABBC 7A08E953BBCC 1 Stampin' a Hutch