Zibra Square Brush


Add a tube of Brush Soap to clean and condition your new brush.

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Zibra Square Brush

The small 1″ brush head on our Zibra square brush is a great choice when painting flat ledges, like on the arm of a chair.  The square brush is the easy choice when painting narrow molding on baseboards, walls, or furniture.  Painting narrow surfaces like windows and window grids is now a pleasure when using the square brush. This brush is a favorite among many due to its perfect width and incredible bristle pack-out providing a smooth finish and fewer dips!

Zibra grip-n-glide paint brushes offer ultra smooth paint release and long-lasting durability. The solid, round, and tapered brush tips provide crisp, smooth, and uniform coverage. Hourglass handle provides comfort and multiple grips–spin it, flip it, roll it.

Paint and finishing brushes have been around a long time. There are expensive brushes, cheap brushes and a lot of ground in between. Zibra said “what if” and reimagined the brush – high quality, comfortable wood handles, stainless steel ferrules and the finest synthetic bristle. Zibra brushes all feature Smooth Bristle Technology™ that ensures paint and finish are released to a surface in a controlled manner for easier, consistent application. The variety of shapes available also makes finishing tasks easier.

  • Extremely smooth and easy painting
  • Contractor construction with aluminum inserts
  • 25% more proprietary white filaments in each brush head
  • Maximum pick up & release of paint through micro-tip flagged filaments
  • Unique hourglass handle design – no more sore hands!

Use Fusion’s Brush Soap to clean and condition your brush.

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