Winter Star Barn Quilt Pattern


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Winter Star Barn Quilt Pattern

The Winter Star barn quilt pattern made by Baker Nest is a great DIY instructional tutorial for making your own wooden barn quilt.  The book contains the instructions, full-color images, and practical tips that will be just what you need to complete your quilt.

Contents include:

  • Materials List
  • Color Key & Color Key Chart
  • Instructions & Graphs to Make the Grid
  • Instructions & Graphs to Make the Pattern
  • Taping Tips
  • Taping & Painting Step Instructions with Graphs
  • Post-Painting Tips & Instruction
  • Thick, Glossy Color Pages & Pictures

Fusion Mineral Paint Colors Used: Lamp White, Little Whale, Champness, Homestead Blue, Midnight Blue

Grid: 12 x 12


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