Trimmings 3 Mould


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Trimmings 3 Mould

One can never have too many trimmings and this is the perfect addition to the Trimmings family.  Trimmings 3 introduces SIX unique, antique-inspired border trims that feature beautiful curves, graceful lines, and natural elements.

This Trimmings 3 mould has one great design improvement.  The ends of each piece have been designed to easily fit together without leaving a straight line edge.  This makes the design much more seamless.

Use IOD Air Dry Clay or Amazing Cast Resin to get a perfect impression. Remember, not only can IOD moulds be used on furniture makeovers and upcycle projects, but also in soap and jewelry making and food decorating (think cookie dough, fondant, and pie crusts, oh, my!).

These new moulds also have gram and liter markings making it easier to measure out the amount of resin or clay that you need, saving time and eliminating waste.

The IOD moulds have a micro rim, a small raised edge around each mould cavity. It makes getting a crisp, clean edge along the base of your casting easy-peasy. The micro rim also allows you to quickly smooth and level the back of your casting so it will sit flush on your surface.

IOD’s moulds contain these proprietary features:

  • micro rim
  • measure marks
  • food safe silicone
  • wash with mild soap and water
  • BPA free

Read more about IOD moulds here

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