Stone Gray Decor Ink


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Stone Gray Decor Ink

This soft, stone gray decor ink is the perfect contrast to the other inks in our line up.  The Stone Gray Decor Ink pairs nicely with our new Turmeric yellow ink.  Sometimes black ink is too stark.  Stone Gray can be a great addition to your tool kit.

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IOD Decor Ink is specifically designed for home decor; walls, furniture, and fabrics. Use with along with the IOD Stamps and Brayer to create endless designs on fabric, walls, furniture, you name it!  You can create your own colors by combining the IOD ink colors with our Mixing White Ink.  Use a palate to try mixing drops of ink color.  Once you find the “recipe” that you want, mix the same proportion of inks into an empty bottle and label your bottle. Then you could ink your pads with your custom color.

To set Decor Ink on fabric, heat set using an iron on low heat or throw in the dryer. Imagine what you can do with denim, linen and the humble tee shirt!

To set Decor Ink on ceramics, heat set in the oven. Set oven temperature to 200-250, place dish inside, turn oven off and leave until it cools.

You’ll find a stamping tutorial here

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