Starter Brush Kit

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Starter Paint Brushes

Don’t know which starter paint brushes to choose?  Why not grab a starter brush kit that contains my favorite three brushes that are perfect for any paint job.  These are professional quality brushes, crafted in Europe.  I selected each brush specifically for a specific use.  The kit includes:

The Staalmeester Round Synthetic brush is my favorite.  The super soft bristles help ensure a brush stroke free finish.  It is so easy to paint with!  The large Staalmeester pointed sash was chosen because it is such a versatile brush.  It is great to paint spindles and the point helps you reach into crevices and corners.  Many people prefer a flat brush and it’s great to have in your arsenal when painting large, flat surfaces.

If taken care of, these brushes will last for years.  The best way to ensure that is with Fusion Brush Soap.  Rinse the paint residue from the brush, suspend in water over night, keeping the water level below the string.  Finally, rub some brush soap through the bristles, rinse out, and hang to dry.

This is an $91.96 value for just $82.99

Read more about Staalmeester brushes here.

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