Silicone Paint Blades


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Silicone Paint Blades

Leave it to the IOD Sisters to give us tools to take our art to the next level.  These Silicone Paint Blades are the next must-have tool to use for a trowel painting technique.  They’re perfect for applying paint, blending, and creating texture. The blades have an ergonomic design, making them both easy to use and comfortable to hold.  The set includes two blades made of silicone.  That means that paint and ink won’t stick to them!  Spread your choice of medium over your surface just like frosting a cake, let the paint set up a bit, and then press your favorite IOD stamp into the paint to leave a stamped impression.  Top it off with your favorite wax or glaze.

When you use the IOD paint blades, you actually use less paint.  Once you’ve spread your paint over your surface you can scrape the excess paint back into your container.  Use the small blade to spread glue on the back of your moulds, too!

The IOD paint blades are easier to use than the common trowels, such as a putty knife.  Putty knives are rigid and have very little (or no) flex. This means they retain their shape regardless of the texture of the surface you are working on.  Unlike a rigid trowel, the IOD Silicone Paint Blade can flex and conform to the surface. When you press down, it flexes and changes shape to fill in the high and low points.

The small blade is 2 1/2″ wide. The large blade is 5 1/2″ wide. They are approximately 2.75” high and 0.75” deep at the thickest point of the handle.

See how easy they are to use here.

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