Peel and Stick Sanding Glove

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Sanding Glove

The Peel & Stick Sanding Glove solves the problems of conventional sanding options by placing the sand paper directly into your hand. The detachable sandpaper allows the user to easily change grits of paper yet still use the same glove multiple times. Package includes: One Glove and 5 sand paper (2-100 grit, 2-180 grit and 1-220 grit)

Gloves come in two sizes for both right and left hands. Replacement paper can now be found on Amazon here

  • New innovative way to sand
  • Patented sanding system with detachable die-cut sandpaper
  • Right reusable Glove with replaceable sandpaper
  • Attached flexible barrier for heat resistance
  • Molded hook and loop for stronger attachment

The Peel & Stick Sanding Glove is a new way to sand. It’s a glove with removable sandpaper that replaces most of your hand sanding devices. This is something every toolbox should have. The sanding glove was invented by Joseph Friend. Joseph has been in the Dry wall business for over 30 yrs. One day while he was up on a 30ft scaffolding he dropped his sandpaper and thought it would be great if this was attached to my hand. After many years of perfecting the idea and creating the patent, we can bring this product to market. The sanding glove has a barrier that protects the hand and it uses molded hook and loop to attach the sandpaper. The sandpaper can be removed and replaced several times allowing the user to change grits for a given project. The glove is machine washable and durable. The sandpaper comes in three different grits. (100, 180, and 220).

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