Pouring Resin


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Pouring Resin

Pouring Resin is great for acrylic paint pours, other artistic projects, or as a high gloss finish. It is water based and self leveling. The product is clear but can be mixed with Fusion paint to create the desired look.  It has a smooth, glossy finish.  It is best used with Cell Enhancer to get beautiful results.

How to use for a paint pour:

  • Gently stir and swirl resin to mix well.  Avoid shaking.
  • Apply a base coat of resin on the surface to ensure that your paint pour flows well across the surface.  The paint pour should be applied while the base coat is wet.
  • Pour some resin into a cup and add 1-2 drops of paint.  You should use very little paint!
  • To increase the appearance of cells in the pour, add a few drops of Cell Enhancer to the colors of your choice.
  • Still to mix paint color throughout the resin.
  • Repeat for the colors that you want in your paint pour.  Four colors is a great place to start.
  • Layer the resin mixtures into one of the cups.
  • Place your surface on top of the cup and invert.  Resin can also be poured across the surface.
  • Tilt surface to allow resin to flow across the surface.
  • Clean up drips and edges.
  • Dry time is 24 hours.
  • Cell Enhancer is silicone and will still be wet when the resin is dry.  Wipe down with rubbing alcohol to remove.
  • No top coat needed!!
  • No need to add Flotrol!!

How to use as a top coat

  • Pour some resin onto the surface and spread with a tool.  Paint brushes can introduce bubbles.
  • Allow to dry 12 hours.
  • Pouring Resin dries to a high gloss finish.

For additional information and tips visit Fusion Mineral Paint.

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