Mini Christmas Patterns Stencil


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Mini Christmas Patterns Stencil

The Mini Christmas Patterns Stencil is a set of four stencils, each with a pattern.  The patterns include snow, stars, stripes, and trees.  These make great background designs or can be used to layer the design on top of another stencil.  You can stencil everything from cookies to signs.

Each stencil is 5.75″ x 5.75″ and is cut from high quality 10 mil mylar.

How to add patterns to other stencil designs:

1. Stencil first image. Keep stencil in place. Allow to dry.
2. Layer a pattern over top of the original stencil.
3. Stencil the pattern.
4. Lift up both stencils together.

It’s easy to add patterns to our Christmas Tree stencil

Here is a great tutorial for stenciling success.

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