Metallic Silver Fusion Mineral Paint



Metallic Silver Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion’s Metallic Silver contains real mica flakes for endless shimmer.  This non-tarnishing metallic is perfect to create highlights on furniture, hardware, IOD moulds, and more.

Add a bit of clear glaze to thin and brush in one direction to lay the mica flakes down for a flawless finish. We recommend painting it over a base color.  Apply over Rose Water or Cobblestone for warmth.
Apply over Azure or Liberty Blue for a cool silver flare.

Mix a 4:1 ratio of clear glaze to paint and use as a glaze on carvings, details, and more.  Brush on, wipe off.

The metallics can also be stipple for that hammered metal effect.

You can see a video here on painting with metallics.

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