Lattice Rose IOD Paint Inlay


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Lattice Rose IOD Paint Inlay

The Lattice Rose IOD Paint Inlay draws inspiration from vintage wallpaper, offering patterns that are designed to mix well and scale effectively. Its mix-ability is a key strength, with styles that channel a cottage-core and romantic flea market aesthetic.

The inlay suits both small decor items and larger furniture pieces.  The set includes enough sheets to cover significant surfaces like a full drawer, ensuring patterns can be joined seamlessly for larger projects without awkward transitions.

Combining the Lattice Rose Inlay with the Veranda Stamp introduces additional charm.  Its compatibility with stamps, such as Le Courier and Kindest Regards, invites the creative juices to flow.

This is an eight page set of painted designs. This is not a transfer. These actual paint designs are placed on a wet paint or top coat surface to inlay the design. You can get 3-4 applications with each page. Here’s a tutorial to show how easy it is to apply.

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 1 in


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