Cureiously Pink Fusion Mineral Paint – Retired


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Cureiously Pink Fusion Mineral Paint

CUREiously Pink Fusion Mineral Paint is a vibrant, now retired color that was developed in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Cureiously Pink is strong, bold, and vibrant! it goes great with Casement, Midnight Blue, and Ash.

Fusion™ Mineral Paint is a revolution in furniture painting. Easy to apply and self-leveling, it gives the smoothest of matte finishes with an unrivaled durability.

Fusion™ is a water-based paint that requires minimal prep work and, with a built-in top coat, there’s no need for waxes or sealers! You can achieve a variety of decorative effects with Fusion’s wide range of finishing waxes, glazes and other products.

Unlike chalk type paint, Fusion™ is made using 100% acrylic resin. This creates a waterproof, non-porous surface that is so durable and hard-wearing, it’s even suitable for use on exterior projects such as front doors or garden furniture, as well as kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

What makes Fusion™ different?
Each and every ingredient in the formulation is carefully selected, evaluated and tested to the strictest quality control measures to ensure a superior performing paint. Fusion™ colors are:
– non-toxic
– lead free
– virtually odorless
– near zero VOC (volatile organic compounds)
– free of other chemicals commonly used such as ammonia and formaldehyde

Dry Time vs Cure Time:
Drying time is approximately one hour, however we recommend allowing 2-4 hours between coats to ensure the most stable surface on which to recoat. Cure time is different – all paints take time to ‘cure’ or have all water fully evaporated from the paint. Fusion™ will be at its toughest 21 days after application. This doesn’t mean you can’t use your finished piece until then, just do so carefully and use coasters.  Recommended painting temperature is 50 degrees to 85 degrees.

Minimise Brush Strokes With New Fusion Extender:
Have you been struggling to get a super smooth paint finish? Struggle no more!  Extender works by not allowing the paint to dry quickly, therefore giving you more working time with the paint before it dries.  Simply add 1/4 of the bottle to a pint of paint!  Adding Extender does not affect the shelf life of the paint.

Read more about furniture prep here.

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