Crackled Texture


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Crackled Texture

Fusion’s Crackled Texture is unlike traditional crackle mediums.  It is not layered between coats of paint and does not depend on another product to crackle!!  Simply apply and it cracks as it dries.  Get a deeply defined, aged, cracked paint look using our Crackled Texture by simply pouring onto a horizontal surface, let dry then painting over top. Crackled Texture is made of the same high-quality ingredients as Fusion Mineral Paint™ and will stick to anything Fusion™ does.

For larger, thicker cracks, pour a thick layer of Crackled medium.  For smaller details, brush the product into a thin layer, however, too much brushing will prevent cracks from appearing. This base layer creates depth with a crackled look. Great for creating an instant-aged aesthetic.

How to Use Crackled Texture

  1. Stir product
  2. Apply an even layer by pouring or using a spreading tool
  3. Tap to settle air bubbles
  4. Wait 6-12 hours
  5. Paint over as usual with Fusion Mineral Paint color of your choice
  6. Add glaze or wax of your choice to accent the crackle
Good to note:
Do not mix paint with this product or no crackling will occur.
Dry time: 2-6 hours | Re-coat time: Once dry | Cure time: 21 days

Our Crackled Texture is white but can be painted over after it dries

Application Tool  Poured on, tap or spatula to even and smooth
Re-coat Time  1-8 hours depending on how thick the pour
Top Coat  Not required. Can add any top coat desired for effect
Clean Up  Water
Coverage  25 sq.ft.
Recommended Uses  Crackled effect for decorative finishes, wood surfaces, previously painted surfaces.
Can Be Painted Over  Yes
How to Prep  Clean surface ready for paint

Watch how easy it is to use!


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