Classic Star Barn Quilt Pattern


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Classic Star Barn Quilt Pattern

The Classic Star barn quilt pattern is designed by Baker Nest. This is a great DIY instructional book for beginners! The book contains two patterns, the Ohio Star and Crystal Star. Also included in each book are easy to follow instructions, full color illustrations, and professional tips for success.

Fusion Mineral Paint Colors Used: Lichen & Raw Silk

Level: Beginner

Grid: Ohio Star 3 x 3, Crystal Star 4 x 4 (both would fit on our 12 x 12 gallery blanks)

Contents include:

Materials List
Color Key & Color Key Chart
Instructions & Graphs to Make the Grid
Instructions & Graphs to Make the Pattern
Taping Tips
Taping & Painting Step Instructions with Graphs
Post-Painting Tips & Instruction
Thick, Glossy Color Pages & Pictures


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