Cape May Mariner’s Compass Barn Quilt Pattern


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Cape May Mariner’s Compass Barn Quilt Pattern

The Cape May Mariner’s Compass Barn Quilt pattern book is part of the American Coastal Collection.This collection is intended to honor the seafaring, colonial culture of the East coast, recognize the historical quilt patterns that were relevant to the area, and offer patriotic home decor inspiration for the summer season!

This pattern can be completed on a square pallet or circle pallet. However, to complete this pattern on a circle, a compass is needed to determine correct angles. The pattern book also includes optional free-hand options as well.

Fusion Mineral Paint colors used in this example are CasementHomestead Blue, Little Whale, & Mustard.  You’ll also need Frog Tape

Each pattern book is specific to one pattern (unless otherwise noted) and contains to following information:

  • Explanation of the Collection & Pattern
  • Materials List
  • Color Key (Fusion Mineral Paint Colors Used)
  • Color Chart
  • Grid Drawing Instructions
  • Pattern Drawing Instructions
  • Taping & Painting Instruction (including key tips & tricks)
  • Post-Painting Tips

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