Staalmeester Ultimate One Blending Paint Brush #10


Add a tube of Brush Soap to clean and condition your new brush.

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Blending Paint Brush

This brush is great for use as a blending paint brush, allowing you to get great results while blending two paint colors together.  This strong synthetic fine fiber brush allows for precise coverage of Fusion Mineral Paint.  The brush distinguishes itself by its high absorbing power, its high adaptability to different surfaces, and its stripe-less end-result!

Can be used for artwork, fine furniture, blending and dry brushing techniques etc.

You can achieve a chiseled straight edge covering a large area as it is 100mm ( almost 4”) wide.

Here’s a great tutorial from Fusion Mineral Paint.

For large flat surfaces, roll your paint on with a microfiber roller first to get even coverage. Then, lightly brush the surface with the Staalmeester Flat Ultimate ONE Synthetic #10. At this point you are not using any pressure, just sweeping the surface. Make sure to do this while the paint is still wet. If you need, to, you can spray some water to reactivate the paint, but don’t use too much or you may lift the paint off

Clean your Staalmeester brush immediately after use by rinsing thoroughly with warm water, then hanging to dry. Keep your brush in tip-top shape with Fusion’s Linseed Oil Brush Soap,

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