My heart skipped a beat when I found this beautiful dresser.  I could envision the delicate carving being accented with some glaze or wax.  So I was super happy when I was able to bring her home.

IMG 8734 2 Lots of Pressure to Make Her Great

The top had some minor damage and scratches.  Nothing that stripping and staining couldn’t fix!  So I stripped the old top off with Citristrip, used mineral spirits to wipe down and removed the excess stripper, then hand sanded with 180 grit in preparation for staining.

IMG 4346 1 Lots of Pressure to Make Her Great
IMG 6248 Lots of Pressure to Make Her Great

I applied two coats of Fusion’s Driftwood Stain and Finishing Oil,  I seriously love this stuff!  So easy to apply, great results, and a silky smooth finish without needing a topcoat.  I used two coats on this top.  It’s a translucent gray with some of the natural wood showing through.  You can definitely add coats for more coverage and a darker color.



I opted to use Fusion’s Inglenook to paint the base.  I love this soft, subtle barely green color!  I painted this one with my Staalmeester Oval Sash Brush.  With large flat sections to paint, this large head was the perfect choice.  The Staalmeester brushes are a mix of natural and synthetic bristles which give a smooth finish and are easy to clean.  She got two coats of Inglenook.

IMG 3134 Lots of Pressure to Make Her Great

After the paint dried I was ready to apply a glaze to show off the awesome carving.  I decided to use the same stain that I used on the top to glaze the base.  Yes!  You can use the Stain and Finishing Oil as a glaze!  It’s one of my favorite techniques.  I used a cheap chip brush to brush on the stain, then used a lint free cloth to wipe it back.  The next day I use Picket Fence to dry brush some white over the carving to add more dimension.  It’s just so soft and pretty!

IMG 4731 2 Lots of Pressure to Make Her Great
IMG 7331 Lots of Pressure to Make Her Great
IMG 1227 Lots of Pressure to Make Her Great

The last step was to clean and paint the hardware.  I used TSP and an old toothbrush to scrub the hardware and remove old grit and grime.  This TSP is GREAT!  It’s a concentrate so I only use two cap fulls in my sprayer.  AND, it doesn’t have to be rinsed off!  Thank you, Fusion, for saving me yet another step!  I like using Rustoleum’s spray paint with primer for my hardware.  I first thought I’d use silver but Copper kept calling my name!  I LOVE the way the copper looks on the dresser!  And those key holes!!

IMG 2257 Lots of Pressure to Make Her Great

And that’s it!  She’s done!  I love the soft elegance of the Inglenook paired with the luscious copper hardware.  I love the soft gray top and subtle gray glazing.  I love the idea that she’s got new life – hopefully for another 100 years!

carved dresser Lots of Pressure to Make Her Great