Have you seen the almost invisible stripes on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest?  It’s like all of a sudden they’re everywhere! I think they started in the custom auto paint world and have moved over to furniture.  Typically, these faint stripes are achieved by painting with two slightly different shades of the same color or two different sheens of the same color.

I’ve been wanting to try it for some time and finally found the right piece.  I could envision ghost stripes on the drawers of this French Provincial dresser.  So, after cleaning and staining the top in Cappuccino and giving the body a scuff sand, she got two coats of Heirloom.  Let me show you how to paint ghost stripes!

French Provincial dresser

Once she was painted she was ready for stripes.  You can see that process here.

The stripes turned out to be quick and easy to do!  I finished the set off by cleaning and painting the hardware in silver with Rustoleum paint.  You can find it in my Amazon store.  Didn’t she turn out pretty??

how to paint ghost stripes
how to paint ghost stripes

The stripes are subtle and glisten in the light when you walk past.  

ghost stripes on Heirloom

Now you know how to paint ghost stripes.  Want to give them a try?  Here’s what you’ll need.  Note that some of these links are to my Amazon store.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I’d love to see what you stripe up!


IMG 3844 1 How to Paint Ghost Stripes