Have you seen the adorable door decor that’s popping up on doors around town?  Have you wanted to buy one on Etsy but they’re just too much money?  Let me show you how easy it is to DIY a cute door hanger!

Let’s start with the list of supplies.  Note that I’ve linked some of these to my Amazon store for your convenience.

blue star supplies DIY a Cute Door Hanger

Step 1: Add a bit of water to the Chocolate paint and “stain” the board with the watered down paint, both sides.  Wipe off the excess to reveal the gorgeous wood grain.


Step 2: Once dry, tape off 6″ in the center of the pine board.  Frog Tape is activated by moisture, so dip your finger in some water and run it along the edge of the tape to seal it before painting.  Make sure your tape is parallel so the stencil can fill the center.  Then paint two coats of Casement.

blue star front door DIY a Cute Door Hanger

Step 3: Tape the Buffalo Check stencil in place.  I like to use a make-up sponge to stencil with but you can use a stencil brush.  You can dab or swirl.  Everyone has their own style.  The main secret to preventing bleeding under the stencil is to use very little paint.

blue star buffalo check DIY a Cute Door Hanger

If you try to get full coverage in one coat, you’ll have a messy result.  So, think 2-3 thin coats.  The photo on the left is one coat.  The photo on the right is two coats.

Bee Love Barn Quilt
blue star two coats DIY a Cute Door Hanger

Step 4: With a fine brush, you can correct any stencil bleeding that may have occurred.

blue star stencil clean up DIY a Cute Door Hanger

Step 5:  While your stencil dries, give your welcome cut-out two coats of Cranberry.  Once it has dried, glue in place with wood glue or a thick crafters glue like Tight Bond.

blue star paint welcome scaled DIY a Cute Door Hanger

Step 6: Wind up a ball of ribbon, tie in the middle, and spread out to create a bow.  There’s a tutorial video here if you need one!  Then use a staple gun to staple the lambs ear and bow in place.  Tie a knot on each end of the rope and staple it to the sides of the board to create a hanger.

diy a cute door hanger

And that’s it!  Simple and fun!  The great thing is you can choose your colors and ribbon to customize your sign for yourself or a gift!  This one was a Christmas present for my daughter.  And we all know hand made gifts are the best!

diy a cute door hanger